Sunday, February 26, 2012

Jason's 11th birthday

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Thankful Thursday!

This morning, I was lying down when I started to thank you God for saving me from the car accident that happened yesterday. I was driving back home from West Chester, the traffic was just flowing busy, but slow. I got to the intersection accross from Target, and I usually slow down near traffic, because my car doesn't stop fast. As I saw the traffic light I slow down to around 30mi/hour, and the light was green and the diver in front of me decided to stop. Well, at that time, I hit the break with all the power I had and I end up hitting the car. The air bag came off and I finally looked up and here it was another car hits me from the back.
All I wanted to know was that if anyone was hurt. And when I saw the the drivers walking toward me, I was relieved! Everyone was safe! I had headache, I was shocked and my ear was ringing. The ambulance came, and I refused to go to the ER. I was the slowest and careful driver, people hate driving with me. I still got in to accident. We all need to watch other drivers. If I wasn't paying attention and I didn't slow down as I saw the traffic light, no one would have made it. I wish those couple was in the slow lane, if they wanted to slow down in the middle of the traffic. The point I wanted to make is that I was grateful that God spare my life. I have no bone broken and I am praying my ear will stop ringing.
God is great! Life is short, let us not take it for granted.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine evening!

My kids love language is serving them sweet without a limit! I have done it, off we go to basketball practice and Emily gymnastic class. God help the coaches, I am hoping they will burn the sugar when they come home. Great memories!!!!

Happy Valentine Day!

I wasn't able to bake anything yesterday. I was sick sneezing and feeling achy all my body.

I was able to go to CVS and get cards and and some sweets for my kids to share with their friends. I feel much better and I will be able to surprise them when they come home.

I was looking for a Valentine wall paper to share, and I found my daughter album in my computer.

Love is beautiful! My kids are that symbol of love to me.

I wish you all Happy Valentine Day!!!!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

His purpose is a perfect will for you!

I am much indebted to the good christian people of the country for their constant prayers and consolations; and to no one of them, more than to yourself. The purposes of the Almighty are perfect, and must prevail, though we erring mortals may fail to accurately perceive them in advance. We hoped for a happy termination of this terrible war long before this; but God knows best, and has ruled otherwise. We shall yet acknowledge His wisdom and our own error therein. Meanwhile we must work earnestly in the best light He gives us, trusting that so working still conduces to the great ends He ordains. Surely He intends some great good to follow this mighty convulsion, which no mortal could make, and no mortal could stay.
Letter to Eliza Gurney on September 4, 1864 (CWAL VII:535)

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Snow day

           I love to see the snow from the inside, just don't ask me to drive on the snow. The snow speaks to me the stillness of God! It is a reminder for me if we look on His creation, He is there! It is an affirmation of His existence and how big God is.

          I pray that you don't miss His presence, He is right with you.