Sunday, July 31, 2011

Weight loss

     I have gained 25 lbs this year. I really thought I will loose 10 lbs this Summer. It didn't happen at all. As a matter of fact, coming to Jim and Ginger house means add up 10 lbs/week. First morning you wake up coffee already ready, then breakfast is a buffet. From bacon, egg, pancakes, fruit and sausage. Jim is up at 6:30AM. I join him for 2 miles walk including the dogs while the kids and Ginger are asleep.

    I decided to wait after Summer is over to work on my weight. I know I wanted to wear nice swim suit at the  beach, that is not happening this year. No matter what, I have to loose at least 20 lbs, because my whole body hurts when I get up. Yes, I weigh only 140 lbs, but I am also 5.2 inches.

Saturday, July 30, 2011


Uncle Jim was busy helping out. It was hot 102 degree, but we were on the shade and drunk a lot of water. We had a great time. Lisa and I didn't catch any fish.

Jason was the first to catch a fish.
Jacob cut one at the end.
Here is Emily's cat fish, it looks big. Every time we come here, the kids enjoy fishing with Uncle Jim. We got home, Lisa thought how to cook Shell filled with spinach,ricotta and sausage. Top with spaghetti sauce. It was yummy! Emily enjoyed every moment making it.

Our visit to SC

Jason at the children museum, pretending to have to use cruches.

Jacob rock climbing.

Uncle Jim and kids building race cars.

Kids at Uncle Jim's pool.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Summer vacation

      We finished packing Saturday evening. As I sat down for a break, I heard Emily crying. She was doing a hand stand, she must have lost balance on her right hand and landed on her left hand.

      We thought she will be fine, and Monday morning she was still in pain. So, regards our vacation we took her to urgent care. The Dr. put her on sling.  We spent a day with my brother here in Maryland.

      Here we go on our journey to South Carolina. Driving won't be easy, Emily doesn't want anyone to touch her arm. I am praying, she will be able to recover soon.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Precious moments with my children

           Summer seems to fly so fast. Too many projects to be done, but so far nothing has being done. Scrapbooking was one of them.  I also thought I will have time to workout and lose atleast 10 pounds. I went to the gym four times so far since summer started.  Even though some of my plans hasn't been accomplished, I am having a great time with my children.

          Last week, I was able to spend time with my daughter for a couple of hours in the morning, while the boys are at the camp. Monday at Cosi for breakfast and smoothy. Tuesday and Wednesday, we did little summer shoping at Old Navy and Target. Then we stopped by at Nudy's Cafe for a sandwich. On Thursday, Since Emily's friend came over for sleepover, I was able to go for jogging and I did 30 minutes pilate. We still have one more week for mother and daughter time.

         Today, I have Jacob all afternoon. Emily and Jason are with their friends. So,
Jacob and I stopped by at Macdonald for a bite and icecream. After that we went to Barnes and Noble. My favorite place! Jacob enjoyed reading some of  super power character books that I don't usually buy. He bought Nude, Diary 2 book.  We went to the park and practiced his baseball just for fun. What more can you ask.

         Time is what I don't seem to have to spend a quality time with eachone of my kids and when I do I like to use it very wisely. How can we change other's lives, when our kids are suffering for attention. Don't get cought up with buying them the gadget they love. Your child will always remember the time he or she spent with you. Let me know how I can pray for you.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Why do we ignore a time and place of rest?

      Sabbath Shalom!  I pray that, you will get hold of why God made a day of rest. I heard many believer's say, well, for us Christ is our Sabbath and we didn't have to. Sometimes, some said it is old testament. 

      Christ didn't change the law, he said he came to fulfill the law. Why then does God chose the sixth day? Why did he even mention it?  I will tell you this, in my life, If I don't plan ahead with my busy life, the day goes by before I rest. God wants us to set that day aside to rest.

        Psalm 46:10," Be still and know that I am God."

        Take time and find a place to see the God that loves you, He created the things around you and the day to rest. Let Sabbath be your time to step back and evaluate. Are we doing too much? Too little? Do we need to get back our focus and perspective? Wise parents need to know it is perfectly okay to take a step back and refocus. God bless!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Your walk


        " How beautiful are your feet in sandals,.............." Song of Solomon 7:1.
         He mentioned her feet first, the lowest part of her body and the closest to the ground. Why not her eyes? Her beloved notices her feet, because through her walk she has transformed and won possession of his heart.  

         I don't know about you, for me, my heart wants to please my God through my love toward others. But, it not easy, is it? We need to continue to walk with the holy spirit.

         Whenever we care too much for self, we need to hear him speaking to us. And we need to say yes. We can do it through the help of the holy spirit. As you read this, may you take advantage of every opportunity that comes to your life.

        I will love to hear your walk, feel free to comment.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Tha challenge of yesterday is the fulfillment of today.

Today, I was led to write that you embrace who you are. Many of us struggle from past mistakes and not letting it go completely. Enjoy who you are. Don't hide any longer in the fears of yesterday. Your past will no longer be a source of pain and captivity but rejoicing of what God has done.

           Jesus Christ has set us free! It is a new day for you and me to pay a price so that we can glorify God through our fruit as we abide in Him. I am writing this because we are hard on ourselves. I will encourage others, but when it comes on me, I don't see my self how God sees me.

          We don't have to be perfect, but we have to grow and develop the fruit flowing together in unity and beauty. We are to make a progress in our relationship with Christ. We have to delight in the process of moving from glory to glory, So that our imprint through the weight of his glory impacts the world.

         I want to share the good news to the world. I hope you are bless.

         I will love for you to write anything short what this message meant for you.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

We found a turtle on the street, he is so cute!

        I was driving to drop my kids to camp, when I saw this cute turtle on the street crossing the road. I almost run over him, and I pulled over. The kids and I run and we brought him home. Since he was fast, the kids named him "Speedy". Emily and I went to get him a box and food. 

      I think he was running for his life, it was hot 90 degree today. I have horrible infection, I think it is my allergies and I am taking it easy while the kids a re busy loving  him.

        Today is 07/16/11- We lost Speedy. He is fast, but I didn't know he can scape that easy. I feel horrible right now,even though it is my daughter fault. She let him run around in her room. We hope that he is still in the house, because he can't get downstairs and there is no way out from upstairs. We are still looking, praying and hoping we will find him. And when we do, we will let you know.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

The world largest gummy bear and gummy worm,in a candy shop called it's sugar

                Inner Harbor, Baltimore, MD.
                The dolls dressed with candy and everything is big.

Newseum in Washington D.C.

We had a great time at Washngton D.C.

Our trip to D.C in Newseum

Newseum is a must see. From 9-11 to Katrina and back to 1800 News and best pictures. We had a great time.

Monday, July 4, 2011

I did past the radiography test!

          Even after studying for two weeks, I still didn't think I was ready for the test. Since I can't change the date I decided to take the test.

          First of all, it was 100 questions and you can only miss 5. I really thought I missed at least 15, So I walked out to the reception very discourage and the woman handled my result. I didn't want open it, so I walked away from the people and opened it. Guess what? It said, congratulations.....You pass! 

          I start thanking God. Trust me, I didn't want to go through the stress again. I don't want to pay another $175. And also, I need to pass, because to get a job in dentistry, you must have radiography certificate.

           needed to learn to trust God as I study my best. I feel relieved and ready to our vacation. Here we  we go. Washington D.C and Inner harbor enjoying our Summer! To God be the Glory!