Friday, January 6, 2012

Shabbath Shalom!

I have been fasting this week. It felt good, the time I spent with God was very peaceful. I was able to change from veggie to fruit, then to water only. I will definitely will try to do this again at least once a month.
Fasting can be tough if we focus that we don't have to eat. The first 2 days are the hardest part, but after that it is not as bad. Daniel fast is a great way to start or do. Not everyone can fast, because of health, so always consult with your doctor. Fasting can be staying away from TV, friends that gossip, and anything that seem to take your time away from spending time with God.
Well, I have enjoyed my roast beef, and mix veggies and heavenly chocolate truffle for desert.
Shabbath Shalom my friends!

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