Thursday, November 1, 2012

Harricane Sandy without power

I can't say that Harrican Sandy didn’t affect us, but we have turned it in to so much fun!!

Sunday and Monday while we still had electricity, we cooked and baked. We decide to eat the sea food before it got spoiled.

My daughter got creative cooking for us some Walking Taco and Chocolate pudding with pepper mint candy’s. We had friends that made our day, they joined us for lunch.

I made some hat’s. I didn’t think I can be so creative, but when you have all the time, I guess I can be:-)

 The boys built fort and slept on it for the first two nights. They had so much fun playing with Lego's and gadget they haven't use for a while. We played board games and read more books and bible.

Monday at 10:30pm, we lost power. We didn’t think we were going to have the power all day anyway.
Tuesday, we had cold cereals for breakfast, then we left the house for the day. We tried a couple of restaurants and went to the mall.
We spent with friends for a few hours and back to the house after eating dinner 7:30 pm. I thank God we still have hot water. Shower and bed time under warm and cozy blanket’s.
The kids are off to school this morning and I went out to eat with friend for breakfast.
Thank you for wonderful friends willing to offer their home, meals and shower even if we don’t use it!! It was nice to see we have real friends, we know where to go if ever needed!!!
We continue to pray for people that got affected by the hurricane. We only missed power for two days, which hasn’t affected us as much. I was worried our food in our refrigerator and freezer. Freezer is still with dry ice cold like a rock. So, we are good!!!
About noon today, Wendsday, we got our power back!!! I missed my kitchen and hot coffee.

Next post will have a pattern how to make the panda and the bue hat ribbon.


  1. We lost power on the first breeze before I made chocolate chip cookies to eat during the storm. I had made the important things first...I made meatballs and some chicken to freeze and eat while we had no power. We have a generator that we run some of the time, but no stove or hot water. So I warmed up the meatballs on the wood stove with the sauce and we had a yummy meal and the chicken the other night. Thankfully we got our power back without the disaster that some of the people are facing who live closer to the shore in NJ and the City.

    Thanks for linking up over at WholeHearted Home this week and I look forward to seeing you again next week.

  2. Judith, It is nice that you have the wood stove and survived well. Thank you for stoping by.