Saturday, January 25, 2014

Nurturing the gift within your child

Hi friends! I haven't be blogging lately. Starting around October, I felt like I need to cut my time from blogging and listen to God and focus on my children. As a parent, we all wanted our kids to walk in the gift and the strength that God gave them. We do want help our kids discover their passion and purpose for their life.

We live in the society that encourages if your child is involved in many activity, that child is hard working and so on. I am not saying if they wanted to learn how to play a music instruments or learn how to dance is wrong, I am saying we need to nurture and work on their strength.

                                                          Listen to your children.
Our kids want to be heard, but we get too busy to really listen to them. When you talk to the kids, make sure you are listening with eye to eye contact. If you are busy, just tell them if they give you a few minutes to finish what you are doing, you would love to talk to them. Perfect timing for my teenagers is late when I say good night. Of course I wanted to go to sleep, but that seems to work better.
                                       Help your children to work on their strength

Find the gift that comes naturally and encourage them to work on it, rather than signing them for different activity. Some of us sign up our children to other activities because the kid next door happen to be doing that. I remember my children were very young when one woman approached me at a park. Her first conversation with me was, "So, what sport does your child play?"

The school and parents should continue to encourage work on their strength rather than on weakness. God was just teaching and leading me to read and understand how to understand and encourage my kids gift and I found a book by Dr. Tim Elmore, Nurturing the leader within your child. Very good book, I am not even finished yet and I am excited because I learned a lot already.

Let's raise a future generation that is filled with passion about their gift and strength that God gave them and bring glory to our God!

How are you helping your children in your family?

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