Friday, August 19, 2011

Principle of God!

This blog is to my kids, and to anyone that stumble to read it, I hope God uses my blog to touch you.
I wanted to talk about anything we put too much attention. If we are addicted and value  anything but God, whatever you are addicted to,  it will end up destroy you, if you don't destroy it first. I hear so many people saying it is just a movie or I am just looking at the pictures.  But, what they forgot is God's standard is so high, He considers hate murdered and lust adulatory. 
We shouldn't play a game with God, I mean He is Omnipotent! We can't  pretend with God, He sees everything. Yes, He is a loving and forgiving father. I want you to get hold of His principles. God is able to help you with any circumstances that you are going through.  I learn many mistakes the hard way, by experience. But, you don't have to. You can hold on the holy spirit hand and let him guide you.
Trust in Him!

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