Monday, April 30, 2012

You have a purpose!

    I went for my morning walk after I send my kids to school. It is a beautiful spring! As I was walking in this quite morning. I heard the quite voice of God in my heart telling me, I LOVE YOU! I think of you everyday. I knew you even before you were conceived ~ Jeremiah 1:4-5

    "I am your father. In Jesus I express my love for you. His death is the ultimate expression of my love for you. He tells me nothing can separate you from me ever again." Romans 8:38-39 

    I am enjoying my day meditating in His love. The world wants to criticize you. The voice in your head can tell you, you not worthy. I challenge you to fight it. You are loved before you were born. There is a reason why you are here in this earth. Run the race, and make a difference. Enjoy your life as if today is your last day in this earth.



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