Saturday, May 5, 2012

Beautiful day!

        Spring is my favorite season. I love to walk early in the morning, watching the glory of God's art. I saw different color of trees and flowers. This morning I took thirty minute walk at 7 am. I loved the fresh air after the rain cleans the dust.

        I went to Waterloo Garden to buy some flowers and seeds, and came home worked in my yard. I am very tired, at the same time it very rewarding.

        In life, when we worked hard, apply a wisdom of God and His commandment, we will reap what we saw. While we are waiting to see the seeds grow, we need to be patient by watering and adding some fertilizer.

       So, if you have done your best and planted the right seed, just trust God. Whatever you are praying for God to answer you. You labor won't be in vain. You will be rewarded and you will reap what you saw.

God Bless and have an amazing weekend!!!!

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