Monday, July 16, 2012

Love is beautiful!

     I met Jim and Ginger fifteen years ago. They became a family to me and my children. Ginger isn't in a good shape. She has been ill for a few years. We try to visit once a year or more if we can. The best of all our vacation is spending time with families like them.
     The kids always have a great time! When we see eachother, it is like we never lost any time. We cook, eat, chat and laugh. We are praying for Ginger that she will get better.
      Here is Buddy. Jim and Ginger found him by their door. He is new to the family. The boys were lying down, and he walks into the room, climbs to the bed and lies down on top of Jason leg. I think he is saying, this is my room.
Sport is been a good dog and looking at Buddy embarrassed.

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