Friday, September 28, 2012

Make money blogging

I started blogging because I thought it is a great way to store memories. As a year goes by, I have met so many blogger sharing their passion. I know there are many ways making money by blogging. I was nervous when I started blogging without help. If you have a passion to write and share anything you love, don't let starting a blog hold you back. 

I own one blog on blogger and another one in word press. Domain should cost you between $10-15 one time fee.  Host gator charge under $6/month. You will probably ask, why do i need to pay. I should be able to set up on my own. You are correct, but with the little fee, you will have access for help anytime you need.

It is very easy, there is only three steps you have to take:

1. Sign up your domain 3. contact me. I will help you set up your blog. Host gator is one of the cheapest and the best customer service you will ever find.  They will help you with any question you have. I was amazed the amount of time they spent with me helping me from start to finish. They are available 24 hours. They have great customer service for amount you pay. Click the link below, when you decide to use them email me: and help you setup your blog and grow your business.

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