Monday, November 14, 2011


        Jim and Ginger are God's blessings to us. They are the best! I love them so much! I am very grateful for them. I wish I were close to them, but we try to visit them once a year. 

         Whenever the kids go to visit, they have a blast! When I told the kids we are not going to visit them this year, they get devistated. Jim is such a good man and full of energy. This man doesn't sit until he feeds everyone and wash all the dishes away. Ginger and I sit and enjoy our day.

       Truly, If I want to write how much a blessing they have been to me and to my kids it will take a week. They are the kind of family(friends) I can call them anytime and about anything. I feel free when I am around them as if they are my birth parent if not more. Next to Emily is Lisa, Jim and Ginger daughter, my sister.

She is wonderful and so much like mom.
My prayer is God will keep Ginger and Jim healthy and keep them safe. I am praying they will know the Lord Jesus Christ as the savior! I grew up filled with religion and I want everyone to experience the relationship with Christ!

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