Tuesday, July 12, 2011

We found a turtle on the street, he is so cute!

        I was driving to drop my kids to camp, when I saw this cute turtle on the street crossing the road. I almost run over him, and I pulled over. The kids and I run and we brought him home. Since he was fast, the kids named him "Speedy". Emily and I went to get him a box and food. 

      I think he was running for his life, it was hot 90 degree today. I have horrible infection, I think it is my allergies and I am taking it easy while the kids a re busy loving  him.

        Today is 07/16/11- We lost Speedy. He is fast, but I didn't know he can scape that easy. I feel horrible right now,even though it is my daughter fault. She let him run around in her room. We hope that he is still in the house, because he can't get downstairs and there is no way out from upstairs. We are still looking, praying and hoping we will find him. And when we do, we will let you know.

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