Sunday, July 31, 2011

Weight loss

     I have gained 25 lbs this year. I really thought I will loose 10 lbs this Summer. It didn't happen at all. As a matter of fact, coming to Jim and Ginger house means add up 10 lbs/week. First morning you wake up coffee already ready, then breakfast is a buffet. From bacon, egg, pancakes, fruit and sausage. Jim is up at 6:30AM. I join him for 2 miles walk including the dogs while the kids and Ginger are asleep.

    I decided to wait after Summer is over to work on my weight. I know I wanted to wear nice swim suit at the  beach, that is not happening this year. No matter what, I have to loose at least 20 lbs, because my whole body hurts when I get up. Yes, I weigh only 140 lbs, but I am also 5.2 inches.

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