Friday, July 15, 2011

Why do we ignore a time and place of rest?

      Sabbath Shalom!  I pray that, you will get hold of why God made a day of rest. I heard many believer's say, well, for us Christ is our Sabbath and we didn't have to. Sometimes, some said it is old testament. 

      Christ didn't change the law, he said he came to fulfill the law. Why then does God chose the sixth day? Why did he even mention it?  I will tell you this, in my life, If I don't plan ahead with my busy life, the day goes by before I rest. God wants us to set that day aside to rest.

        Psalm 46:10," Be still and know that I am God."

        Take time and find a place to see the God that loves you, He created the things around you and the day to rest. Let Sabbath be your time to step back and evaluate. Are we doing too much? Too little? Do we need to get back our focus and perspective? Wise parents need to know it is perfectly okay to take a step back and refocus. God bless!


  1. Hiya, sara
    this is tracy. love your blog - maybe i'll try to do one day. Very true about resting in the Lord. It seems He is calling many to do this!!! We need to receive more what our Father is about. Love ya!!

  2. Tracy, thank for the comment. I really want people to understand, because I see it in my life.
    I love you!