Monday, July 18, 2011

Precious moments with my children

           Summer seems to fly so fast. Too many projects to be done, but so far nothing has being done. Scrapbooking was one of them.  I also thought I will have time to workout and lose atleast 10 pounds. I went to the gym four times so far since summer started.  Even though some of my plans hasn't been accomplished, I am having a great time with my children.

          Last week, I was able to spend time with my daughter for a couple of hours in the morning, while the boys are at the camp. Monday at Cosi for breakfast and smoothy. Tuesday and Wednesday, we did little summer shoping at Old Navy and Target. Then we stopped by at Nudy's Cafe for a sandwich. On Thursday, Since Emily's friend came over for sleepover, I was able to go for jogging and I did 30 minutes pilate. We still have one more week for mother and daughter time.

         Today, I have Jacob all afternoon. Emily and Jason are with their friends. So,
Jacob and I stopped by at Macdonald for a bite and icecream. After that we went to Barnes and Noble. My favorite place! Jacob enjoyed reading some of  super power character books that I don't usually buy. He bought Nude, Diary 2 book.  We went to the park and practiced his baseball just for fun. What more can you ask.

         Time is what I don't seem to have to spend a quality time with eachone of my kids and when I do I like to use it very wisely. How can we change other's lives, when our kids are suffering for attention. Don't get cought up with buying them the gadget they love. Your child will always remember the time he or she spent with you. Let me know how I can pray for you.

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