Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Tha challenge of yesterday is the fulfillment of today.

Today, I was led to write that you embrace who you are. Many of us struggle from past mistakes and not letting it go completely. Enjoy who you are. Don't hide any longer in the fears of yesterday. Your past will no longer be a source of pain and captivity but rejoicing of what God has done.

           Jesus Christ has set us free! It is a new day for you and me to pay a price so that we can glorify God through our fruit as we abide in Him. I am writing this because we are hard on ourselves. I will encourage others, but when it comes on me, I don't see my self how God sees me.

          We don't have to be perfect, but we have to grow and develop the fruit flowing together in unity and beauty. We are to make a progress in our relationship with Christ. We have to delight in the process of moving from glory to glory, So that our imprint through the weight of his glory impacts the world.

         I want to share the good news to the world. I hope you are bless.

         I will love for you to write anything short what this message meant for you.

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