Sunday, October 9, 2011

Men in our society

      In early days, a man was well appreciated for just being a provider. Today, Men and woman are still trying to find their role in the marriage. Men are so pressured today at work and at home. Growing up, the minute my father walks in to the house, he was honored. No one expect him to wash the dishes, to change diapers or to put the kids to bed . Dad was home, everything comes to place. Everyone makes sure he sits in his comfortable chair, and food was serve with out any question. Once, he got some rest, we are all over him. Just laughter and talk.

       In our society today men are put in the place which doesn't come naturally. They were told to listen to a woman conversation. Some programs and TV shows teaches men to pretend as they are listening. The gender is so mess it up today because they don't know what their role is. I love the idea women can work and take care of their family, which is great! 
      I hear some women saying, cooking is not my thing, that is his, Really? I believe if a woman wanted to learn how to cook, she can. We need to stop pressuring men and treating the men in front of the kids like they don't know anything. Men are not created the same as women. Men and women have weakness and strength. We are to build one another, if the man lacks something and the women has it, that is what it makes it whole.

      For some women that doesn't have a husband, train your son's and daughter. If you are divorced, be careful not to speak negative about your-ex in front of your kids.

      I believe if we continue to live mistreating men as it is, we will continue see divorce rate increases

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