Monday, October 17, 2011

Where is common sense

      I came back from Jogging and decide to stretch and watch the news. In channel 3, the Anderson Cooper show was on. I saw him on the news all over the world as a reporter, but now, I guess he has his own show.

      He had a guest and she was talking about psychic. How do we became a society with no common sense. Why do we give them attention? Talking to the dead, what? They are dead! Connecting with the other world? Really?

      This days, it is so normal to look stupid, I think eventually our kids will be confused to know what is stupid and what is wisdom.

       If you share the love of God, and telling them Jesus Christ died for you. If you tell them to let go the fear and the anger to the mighty God that loves them, they can't wait until you shut up. But, a psychic comes and says her own imagination, and she gets all the attention. In the real world we call that mental illness. God help us!

      May God give our children wisdom and draw them near to you!

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