Thursday, October 20, 2011

What you don't know can hurt you

I am learnign everyday new informations regarding the genetic modified foo. It shocks me and I wanted to share it with others. Do you know GMO crops were never tested over the long haul, and now the very worm the farmers wanted to avoid are developing a resistance to the GM corn. Organically grown crops are being contaminated by wind and cross pollination, and farmers are being sued for stealing‘ Monsanto‘s property. If they can‘t afford to fight the monster company, they are losing their farms and lifetime investments. Monsanto hires private thugs to secretly inspect organic farms in order to accomplish these take downs. The predatory Big Ag companies have declared war on smaller farmers and us. Scientists believe that once the distorted DNA of these plants go into our bodies, that our own DNA is invaded and that our intestines can literally become pesticide factories. Monsanto has put up vicious attacks on scientists who try to warn about GMO dangers. Recently the USDA ignored an urgent letter from a Purdue scientist about a newly discovered pathogen in GMOs, pleading with them not to approve Monsanto‘s new GM alfalfa.
The USDA has even defied an appeals court order not to approve it until an environmental impact study was conducted, but they approved it anyway.

"Scientist under attack", Must buy this book and decide what you want do about it. Watch the trail"

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