Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Darkness and God's presence

      The bible speaks to us, when we walk in such suffering, it doesn't mean God is not in our lives. I spent a day with a friend, and she is going through a very tough times. I can't imagine for a parent to watch their kid lying in the hospital, the doctor saying, I am sorry there is nothing we can do. The parent takes their child home, and waiting for that miracle.
     A parent want take the pain away from their child to suffer instead of their child. And you wonder, where is God? Does He even see me? That is where my friend is right now. I had a book I carry most of the time with me, by Mme. Jeanne Guyon. I opened the page to share, it said,"The measure of His hiding from you seems to match the measure of His revelation.  These ultimate trials(the experience of the night of the spirit) become even more agonizing than others because, in overwhelmed with a deep conviction of his own wretchedness. (it seems as if it is from devils.)"
     You can't come to an idea of this terrible tribulation except by having passed through the actual experience.
And I see my friend the love she have for God increases as she continue to go through this evil(dark) times.

    Trust God! He is always looking out for you from loosing your mind. Giving you peace and strength one day at a time. God can't stop men kind from doing evil, and he can't stop putting all this chemicals to our food and vaccinations. When you lost hope of ever beholding another darkness, Remember to Him even darkness is light. He sees you even in darkness standing in faith, you still didn't loose your hope and Peace.
So, surrender all to God. He has you in His hand.

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