Sunday, December 2, 2012

Home Made Tortillas

This is my simple recipe: It takes no effort at all. I make a batter using flour, water, oil and salt.

The batter needs to be thicker than a pancake batter. If it is ticker, you can use your spoon to spread it even to the side of your pan. But if it is thin, you will have a problem.

I add oil on the pan from sticking on the pan. Medium heat and stay close to the stove, it takes 2 minute for each side.

Here is a picture on one side, you can see I tried to spread it using my hand.

Then stuff anything you would like. I had Turkey left over, I added some bell peppers, onions, cheese and add any sauce.

Take time to have a meal once a day and enjoy your food and your family.


  1. wow, looks easy enough. I'm gonna try it.

  2. Thanks Sara!!This looks easy and like something I should try again. What are the proportions of floor, water, oil, and salt? Thanks for linking up with me this past week over at WholeHearted Home.

  3. Hi Judith, Thank you for hosting! This Tortillas is very easy. 1 cup of flour. 1/2 cup of water and pinch of salt.