Sunday, December 11, 2011

Weight loss

            I just don't do any diet program. It seems to me how long can you follow such a restriction. Since I gained 25 lbs this past year, I  really need to lose at least 25 lbs.  

Here is what I plan to do:
1. Drink a lots of water. Measure your intake and document it.
2. Eat green chilled pepper, Spicy foods contain chemical compounds that kick the metabolism.
3. Make sure you take enough fiber, and eat enough protein.
4. Build a muscle. Muscle uses about 6 calories a day, and each pound of fat burns 2 calories daily.
5. High intense aerobic workout. 
I love to cook at home, and by doing that you can control what you eat. 

So, God help me to follow through! 

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