Friday, December 2, 2011

Sabbath Shalom!

       God knew best for human kind from the beginning of the creation. In Genesis, after six day working, He rested!

      If God Himself takes a day of rest, why do we neglect that? It is good for us, to sit and to look back and see that accomplishment or failure we have done. I am guilty of that, I am writing as the lord ministering to me. 

     I hear the quite whisper telling me, "child, come sit with me." A father is seeking time with you and me. How precious is that?

     You might be busy serving the church, and that is great! That is your work as a body of Christ. Just because you are busy with something has to do a work for God, it doesn't mean you are spending time with God. 

     Rest in God, it is so good for your soul! Jesus is your Peace! Fall in His feet and let Him minister to you!
Sabbath Shalom my friends!


  1. It is so hard working and going to school and obligations with church, how can I slow down to relax and silence my brain? Whenever I try to sit down my brain starts to wander with all the things I need to do or should have done. Any tips you have would be great!

    Also, I wanted to ask you where you got your prayer veil from??



  2. Dear Kelly, Imagine when you spend the time with God. Sometimes,we think we have to sit all day in the bible or praying all day long. Not really! When I wake up before I get off my bed, I pray Matthew 6:9. And I try to put praise worship song while I am packing lunch for my kids. Then I sit down and read 10 to 15 min my bible. Just before you walk out the house, get down on your knee and tell God how much you want feel His presence and hear His quite voice all day. Through out the day, meditate in your heart even at work. Talk to Him quietly, no one has to hear. I hope that helps. can you be specific about the prayer veil?

  3. Thanks Sara. I will try those things. You told me about a scarf or veil you used to cover your head with when you prayed to get more quiet or covered by peace. I was wondering where you got that or if you made it yourself??

    Love you. Kelly

  4. Kelly, It is called Tahlil and a friend got me from Israel. I will ask my brother to check in Washington D.C. And I will send you one. I love you!!

  5. Thank you so much! Let know if you find one and I will send you money!! I want one so bad!!

    Love you. Kelly