Thursday, September 15, 2011

First things first

          Today was overwelming to me.  I went to parent back to school night, after I attended a work shop regarding Small business plan. I wanted to make sure to sit and  have dinner together.  I was helping my son with home work and practicing their music instrument while washing the dishes. 

        I hated divorce, even though I have been a single woman for the past three years. I know, I will sacrifice anything for my kids. Not having another help is very difficult. I have to press on by the help of the holy spirit. I have so much energy and so much in me to share with my kids. I have amazing kids! They make my life worth to keep going.

      I am learning to put first thing first, by slowing down, cancel any activity if we have to. I see the kids are tired or something is bothering them, we will sit and talk if they want cancel and just relax for the day. I know God wanted me to share this.

       What is your challenge today?  Every family goes through something. Has the circumstance changed you to be wiser, stronger, better or bitter?

        Your testimony can be an encouraging to other's, so don't keep yours to yourself. Tell other's how God kept you!

  Live to love!


  1. Thank you for sharing your heart, Sara! I miss you so dearest one. I pray God will give us opportunity to be together sometime in the near future. Life is full of opportunity to forgive...yourself, your children, your spouse, and others, too!

  2. Sara, Your are an amazing mother and woman of God! You have a special anointing over you that only God can give. Not sure how you do it, but you do it and do it well! : )

    For me, life is a great challenge too. I have my husband, my high school daughter, and one or both of my grandsons from my oldest daughter. I try hard to get them to school on time in the morning, get them something to eat and then pick them up after I get out of work late. I try to help with homework and a little something to eat for dinner and just a little time for me (if I'm lucky)! I don't remember it being this hard when I was single with my two oldest kids, but I did live my my parents for a while. I have some single girlfriends that need a friend to talk too and eat dinner with here and there, which gives me a break and I enjoy their company, but then I don't have much time with my husband and then my oldest and younger daughters too. I also enjoy when my son calls me from Germany during the day or late at night, can't get enough of him and his wife and baby (we skype). I also have another church friend that has been in and out of the hospital and needs help with different things and I've tried to help her too, but right now I feel so tired and over loaded. My heart wants to help everybody, but my mind and body are trying to pull in the reins. I also have been taking care of my mother who is having memory problems and other issues and also trying to help my down syndrome sister who hasn't been getting her correct dosage of medicines for her seizures because my mom doesn't remember to give it to her. Just got my moms roof repaired and many other household things taken care for them, still have lots more to help her with in house. Only one of my sisters of five of us is helping. Now we won't even talk about my finances, because that will take awhile, although I would love lots of prayers in that area and all the other drama in my life! Well, sorry to burden you with my load, but you asked so I'm throwing it out there, so you will see how some things are on this side of the world. Oh and lets not forget that I have been blessed with a great job, but it's very demanding and have people (supervisors mainly) coming to me for assistance and a great big smile! Thanks for reading my drama mama life! Hee! Hee! Love you and your family lots. CR from Arizona - After reading this you might think your life isn't as bad as you thought, huh! : )

  3. Thank you for the encouragement! I can truly said, I forgave Tim completely. I don't even like to go to bed with things in my heart at all. It is because of the grace of God has forgave me so much, and I have to forgive so much!! I love you!