Friday, September 2, 2011

My decison today.............

This morning God ministered to me Isaiah 60 for an hour. It continue to speak to me. Rise and shine!  All the nation will come to your light, that is Christ's light. When we have intimacy with Christ, we carry his light. How we walk today must glorify God.  If I do this or that would God's name be magnified on my decision? My decision today decides how my future will look like. The cause from our suffering, we might come to his truth and other's will see God's light in us. I know some believer's will say,it is for Israel. No, it is talking about Christ's light.  Ask the holy spirit, He will reveal to you. There are other passages in Isaiah 44, is talking about both Israel and Jesus. Isaiah 42,53, the suffering servant  is talking about Christ. We must not act like the world, we can learn to suffer like Christ did to glorify God! When we are willing to serve God and be obedience to his truth even when we are rejected by men kind, we are glorifying God.
Sabbath Shalom!

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