Thursday, September 8, 2011

Our Guinea pig died

We had fostered two Guinea pig a month ago, my kids named them Oreo and Cookie. They fell in love, and we were planning to adopt them when Oreo got sick Monday morning, and we called Aardvark vet hospital. They were amazing, the  Dr. told us to meet her in the hospital even they were closed because of the Labor Day. We left Oreo in the hospital, and the Dr. wanted to keep him for the night. Anyway, we found out he died! And my kids was devastated and cried! I was hurt as well, but I needed to comfort them. The kids are so precious! They want know how Cookie feels being lonely.
I love the Aardvark Hospital, they have cats, dogs, Guinea pigs, and rabbits. You can adopt or foster, you can even go there just look. Just remember you end up bringing one kitten home, they are just adorable!

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