Tuesday, June 21, 2011

First week Summer

         It has been great weather lately, it is between 70 to 88 degrees. We are enjoying a quality time, this morning we went to see $1 summer movie "Mega mind" and went swimming with friends.

        Kids had fun evening, playing man hunt and water gun's. I felt this year just flew away so fast. I just love Summer, it gives the kids a chance to be just a kid without all the routine. Education is very important to me, I also like to have time with my kids.

        Family is precious! There is no higher calling than being a mom and dad. Invest your time with your kids, not buying them gadget, games and leave them in front of television.

        What goes around, it comes around. It is a principle of return. If you didn't invest time with any business and put the effort, you can't succeed. It is the same way with relationships as well. 

       Read Psamls 127, you will be blessed. God bless you!

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