Thursday, June 16, 2011

Many thanks to my friend Ronit

           Summer is here, today is my last day finishing dental assisting class. It is last day school for my kids as well. This afternoon, we had a pool party with friends to celebrate.

        Everyone had a great time and we have some kids for sleepover. And before the night is over, I want appreciate a very good friend of mine for this year for being part of my life.

          First I want thank God for putting Ronit in my life! I would like to thank my friend Ronit for having my back this year. Ronit, I know it was a hard decision for me to go to school, because of my kids. And when I mentioned to you, you said go for it. My kids felt love and welcome, which was very important to me.

         Thank you for being there when I needed you. Remember I am here for you too. I love you!

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