Friday, June 10, 2011

Shabbath Shalom!

      Today is 07/23/11. It is Sabbath mornig, I woke up well rested at 6:30 AM. I usually have hard time reading bible before I get coffee. I didn't want wake up the girls, they slept downstairs. I will love to take it easy today, but I have to pack for our trip. Saturday's are busy with kids sport games and parties. I guess, I will have to find some quite time in the morning to sit before God, and hear what he is saying.  God has been speaking to my heart about resting on Sabbath, I am telling you it has been a blessing. Friday night, we try to sit eat and listen or read a message. I want my kids to understand how important it is to set time and enhoy the day that God made for us without being overwelmed.  Sabbath Shalom!

   05/17/2011, Sabbath Shalom to all. I know we have a great start of Summer. Yesterday, we had a pool party. Then, the kids have friends for sleepover. After we had lunch today, we went to the pool again. When we got back, kids took a shower and I start cleaning the house. Baked a bread. I had time for shower before dinner.  For dinner, we had baked chicken, roasted veggie, rice with black beans and of course salad and desert.  At 6:30pm, we had dinner and read some Palms 100, enter the gate with thanksgiving......and we read from a new testament Mark.

      We put a sign at the door that said it is our down time, and we had quite time with God and each other. As Christians, we seem to manipulate 1 commandment, because it doesn't fit without schedule. And ignore our lord's Sabbath. I want to blog specially for my kids, how important it is. Jesus said, "I have come to fulfill the law." Trust me, I am trying my best to slow it down with all the sport and driving around. May you continue be led by the holy spirit.

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