Sunday, June 26, 2011

I am praying, I will pass the test

    My radiograph test is on July 1st. I wish I have more time, but I don't. I don't know anything, yet! Last night I was up until 11pm, this is just from one book, then I have to study another book and take the prep test. I am very frustrated, I have to see it for me to really understand it. The thing is, you can't find a job with out radiography certificate. God help me!!!! I know, at least I will have free of stress Summer after it is over.

       My mind use to be sharp, when I was younger. I encourage to young ones, please use your youth time to educate yourself as much as you can. As you get older, you have so much responsibility and concerns. I know, I can do it, but it is so much easier when you are young.  Wish me luck! I will let you know what happens next week. Wishing you peace and love. 

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