Friday, June 24, 2011

An evening just for me and my daughter

     Well, I drop my boys at friends house at 4pm for sleepover. Emily wanted to foster a dog, so we went to the animal shelter, they told us to return tomorrow at noon.  

     Emily decided to spend time with her friend and I went to Barnes & noble disappointed, because I thought I was going to spend the evening with Emily. I got me a coffee and sweet and studied may be 7 chapter for 2 hours. This wouldn't happened if Emily was with me. Well, 2 hours later, I found out she have an argument with her friend and her friend left. So, I had to pray. Should I let her see what she missed or should I use this time to discuss over dinner.

   I decided, to pick her up and take her to Cosi's for dinner. She continue to apologize, and I said to her God knew what you did was wrong, I forgive you so is God. We don't don't always get 6 hours free time just you and me, whenever we have that time, we have to use it. The rain cooled the weather, and we sat out door and ate, talked and laughed. After dinner, it got darker, we went in to Barnes & Noble's again for more reading.

    We had a great evening! God is so good! I think it meant special, because we talked a lot. We talked what the bible said, "Seek the kingdom of God first and all things will be added to our lives". It is great, we have friends and things we like to do, at the same time the order should be God first, parent(siblings) family, then friends and hobbies. What a perfect night! I love you Em! Thank you for listening!

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