Sunday, June 12, 2011

Friends in our lives

       Last night I had a plan, Tim was watching the kids and he had to cancel. I had mentioned that to my friend/sister in Christ Renee, she offered to watch my kids again. Last week she took my kids to give me a brake, this time she felt necessary. I know She have a lot in mind,yet she continue to help.

     When I think about the blood of Jesus, when you walk right with God, there is unity! The word of God said, love one another, mourn and laugh with one another. God has placed people in my life through my journey. Trust me, from the moment I became serious to serve Christ,Satan was after me. 

      Well we have an advocate, the lord Jesus Christ has been on my side all the way. Most of us think God will rescue us, well not always. Sometimes it is ncecessary to go through the fire, just like Gold, don't get discourage you weren't rescued. God is with you always.

      Don't focus for bigger miracles and miss little one infront of you, which is what my friend did. I didn't call, not stresses or cancelled my not so important plan. Don't forget to send little note to your friend or family member.

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