Tuesday, June 14, 2011

I pray God protect our kids

     Today is 06/17/2011:  We were having dinner, while they finishing up eating their desert, I needed to discuss the very thing I fought for years for my kids sake. I had to tell my kids, I have finally made up my mind to file a divorce. I had to pray for three month, I haven't been in the church for that long, I been using sunday morning to pray and be quite in the presence of God. Because I needed to know, I know now, the holy spirit have giving his Peace that passes all understanding. 

      I waited for school year to end, because I don't want their grade to drop. I was in Peace as I open up my mouth to speak to them, my daughter start crying. I was strong, and I kept answering her answers with love. My two boys were like God put two little men for support. Jason and Jacob answered most of Emily questions. I just knew their word was led by the holy spirit. Let me tell you something, there is nothing like breaking a horrible news to your children and at the same time there was a Peace. I had no guilt, no regret and it showed my kids I have done everything possible to make my marriage work.

       I just don't have energy to love someone when that person is signed off already. He is not here emotionally and spiritually, even when he is here physically. I don't encourage divorce, pray and fight for your marriage, please don't give up soon. 

       My kids know that, and I assured my kids no matter what happened we both love them so much! I told them no matter what happened, I will make sure that they will be loved and taken care of very well. When I looked at them, it was quite and Peace, and they knew they will be just fine, they always will!

      God has been always on our side, the guidance of the holy spirit has been a humbling journey. I am so grateful about my life, it is filled with love and joy. One thing hard here in America is not having my siblings and my mother. Beside that, I am exactly where I should be. Pray for us and we will pray for you.

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