Thursday, June 23, 2011

I am so sleepy!

       This is how I felt, I had my pajamas on early. I am so tired!!!! I start working out, tried to get back in shape. After spending more than an hour at the gym, I decide to explore the King of Prussia mall. We spend almost four hours there from 10AM to 2PM, from shopping, eating and just looking.

        I am proud of my kids today, they did great, they usually hate the mall. After that, I came home, my kids friends came over and I had to prepare dinner. Then I had to study for my radiography test, loads of laundry to fold and put away, and cleaning the dishes. If I win a lottery, the first thing I will like to have will be a Chef and someone to clean up those dishes and put them away. Don't you? I just can't seem to keep the house clean.

         I love Summer and watch my kids just lay back and visit places and friends. We have great kids in neighborhood, they are almost here daily and my kids in their homes, they had a great time. Time to sleep, good night and many blessings!

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